Question and Answer

Like the title says, ask a question and we’ll take it from there. Over to you…


12 Responses to “Question and Answer”

  1. Asia Says:

    According to Genesis 1:1-2:3

    Wy do human beings have value and worth

  2. evanescent Says:

    I will take “value” and “worth” here to be synonomous. To quote Ayn Rand, the concept “value” is not a primary – it presupposes an answer to the questions: “of what to WHOM and WHY?”

    Since intrinsic value is a contradiction in terms, human beings (and indeed everything) have no value in and of themselves. Rather, a human being holds his own life as the highest value – it makes all other values possible and is not a means to any other “higher” end.

    Unlike animals which act automatically to pursue their life, human beings must identify those values that sustain and better their life, which is the ultimate value. These primary values can be identified as reason, purpose, and self-esteem.

    In short, human beings have value to themselves and each other in as much as a human being values his own life and can value the life of others.

  3. Glen Says:

    What kind of music do you like?

  4. cypher Says:

    do nothing exist??

  5. evanescent Says:

    ‘Nothing’ doesn’t exist. It is a metaphysically empty term, used only to differentiate between that which does exist and that thing not existing.

  6. cypher Says:

    do you believe in ghost?

  7. cypher Says:

    is it possible to love two person at the same time??

  8. evanescent Says:

    Ghost are fictional entities created by the mind of man. Since reality doesn’t tolerate contradictions, and ghosts contradict everything real, the only place they can exist is in fantasy.

    And by love, I assume you mean being “in love”, in which case – no. I don’t believe it’s possible to be in love with two people at the same time. The depth of worship and commitment involved, both physical and spiritual – is not possible to share.

  9. cypher Says:


    another question..
    do you believe on angels

  10. evanescent Says:

    My answer on ghosts will cover that too, and all supernatural make-believe creatures.

  11. cypher Says:

    do you believe that being a gay is a sin?

  12. evanescent Says:

    The term “sin” is an anti-concept; it refers to being imperfect or accountable in some way which you aren’t responsible for – which ignores the fact that morality is a code of values rationally identified and freely accepted by man’s mind.

    If “sin” here means a moral crime – then no, a choiceless individual trait like sexuality violates no one Rights and so isn’t a crime. Since it cannot be chosen it cannot be evaluated morally either; sexuality simply is. A person’s actions with regard to their life and values determine their morality – and this applies to every person regardless of sexuality.

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