Opinions and essays

6th Jun 2012 – “Privileged planet”? Yeah right…

1st Jun 2012 – The “good of the game” and other Higher Purpose fallacies

6th Apr 2012 – The head versus the heart. Is love rational?

27th Mar 2012 – Who watches the watchers?

19th Mar 2012 – Fascism more important than racism

13th Mar 2012 – Cheating and hypocrisy in football

15th Feb 2012 – Suarez v Evra / Racism in football / Free Speech

10th Feb 2012 – The Ferengi – the ultimate strawmen of capitalism

25th Nov 2011 – What is luck?

18th Nov 2011 – Racism in football. Neil Warnock being an idiot, again. Sepp Blatter

4th Nov 2011 – Derren Brown and Hypnosis

31st Aug 2011 – The New Atheists have just changed God’s name

9th Aug 2011 – UK riots – my thoughts on who, what and why

26th July 2011 – The rich owe you nothing

19th July 2011 – UK Government dictates ‘acceptable’ lifestyle to citizens

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