Socialised medicine claims yet another innocent life

Just recently, I wrote about how the elected representatives and protectors of Britain are spending almost a billion pounds of their citizens’ money to vaccinate poor children. I also pointed out how such actions are not noble or philanthropic, but yet another futile demonstration of altruism at work: self-destructive sacrifice for others.

Only today I came across a shocking example of how true this is. Whilst the British government inoculates third world children with our money, in this country, in one of the supposed gems of the Western world, with the shining achievement of socialism: the NHS, a young woman dies from gross incompetence when a couple of simple injections would’ve saved her life. Link. Read this, and tell me that a paying customer in a private service would be treated to such pathetic negligence and arrogance. To those Lefties who think that capitalism’s flaw is that it leaves people behind, take a good look at your system. People are already being left behind. They are dying in the tens of thousands every year because a bumbling inefficient impractical politically-weighted system with grand aspirations of universal care (paid for by others) consistently fails.

This is the arrogance and evil of socialism: capitalism has never been given a fair crack at the whip, but in those isolated markets in those isolated times where it was allowed to partially flourish, it gave technology, advancements, jobs and commodities for steadily-decreasing costs (For a very few examples, I give you the industries of clothing, food, mobile phones, computers and the internet). Yet, the Left blames capitalism for all of its own failures, and consistently declares itself the only fair and moral system, “if only we could get it right”. Well guess what? No one has ever gotten socialism right. No other system has so consistently and spectacularly failed to deliver and been so antithetic to human rights, and yet been so blindly praised and lauded. Socialism is like a cult whose adherents’ faith grows as its failures mount up. It’s almost enough to make you believe that if Reverend Socialist promised a space-flight after drinking the “special potion”, the supermarkets would run out of bleach overnight. (Of course, the Left would blame capitalism for the shortage of bleach and demand a government allocation scheme to resolve the problem.)

Jo Dowling is the name of the woman who died, and she is one of many thousands every year whose lives are cut short because of an easily-preventable disease or illness. Where is your “no one left behind” now? I’m sure the vaccinated kids in Africa will be of great comfort to Jo’s friends and family, who talked with her over increasingly-distressing text messages right up to her death.

No capitalist claims that our system would take care of everyone. Instead, we realise that since healthcare and medicine are commodities provided by the property, service and innovation of other people, like any market of supply and demand, there can be no guarantee to these things. Yet socialism arrogantly declares, (and gets away with!) that it will take care of everyone, everywhere, for free! (Not free for those who make such schemes possible in the first place, however.)

It’s time we all declared that the Emperor is naked. The Cult of Socialism is a vile disease that should be talked about, exposed and overthrown. But it cannot be done on the grounds of altruism, on the morality of sacrifice. For capitalism to succeed, we must realise that the moral code behind socialism’s failure is the fault: altruism is self-destructive and there is nothing noble or “humanitarian” about it. The only objective basis for morality is rational egoism and self-interest, the philosophy of Ayn Rand.


4 Responses to “Socialised medicine claims yet another innocent life”

  1. Paul Baird Says:

    Thanks for that , you’ve inspired me – I’m off to join Class War

  2. evanescent Says:

    I fail to see what our current social class distinctions have to do with capitalism v socialism, unless of course you’re labouring under the false assumption that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and the former do so at the expense of the latter.

    Actually, a system of titles, knighthoods, dukes, lords, political favours, back-scratching and bribery can only happen under socialism, the system that rewards inactivity and encourages stagnation. As one good example, see how America’s state school system forces stagnation in the localisation of education, thereby maintaining the status quo of class distinctions.

    When *all* men are free (politically) to fully realise the fruits of their own effort, the only hold on a man’s dreams and realities is his own ability and productivity, and what he might achieve by *trade*. Not favours, not titles, not votes, not inheritance, not reputation, not trickery – trade. The history of capitalism is not of lords, kings, inherited heirs and politicans changing the world, but the average man, the scientist, the thinker, the hard-worker, going from an ordinary life to a prosperous one (e.g. Bill Gates) and bringing joy to millions or even billions.

  3. rogueoperator Says:

    Re: Paul…

    …is that concrete all around, or is that in my head?…” David Bowie

    …”You say you want a revolution?…you better free your mind instead”…Paul McCartney

    The only class war is the one in your own mind. People succeed and fail, and often in breathtaking turns, in a capitalist system. That is life worth living for. A cozy stagnation under socialism is no permanent form of economic security, for it leads to moral and social dissipation. Socialism is anti-human and anti-reality at its core. That is why socialism is always doomed to fail, while under capitalist systems, no human being is doomed to fail. Men have free will and should be allowed to exercise it to live their own lives, and should take the responsibility for their own decisions, made by their own minds, uncoerced by others. This vision of humanity is the only path to true progress. Socialism is metaphysical, spiritual, economic, and political death.

  4. UK Government dictates ‘acceptable’ lifestyle to citizens « e v a n e s c e n t Says:

    […] Socialised medicine claims yet another innocent life […]

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