Green energy loss and nuclear power gain – was our government right or wrong?

The headline reads “UK Loses out as Government drags feet over clean energy policy”. Here’s the story.  

Essentially, because Britain hasn’t got its Eco-act together, we won’t be selected by foreign investors. That’s one way of looking at it. Here’s another: government policies force unnatural restriction and manipulation of the mainstream market, and bribe otherwise marginal and unprofitable markets into being artifically profitable ones.

China, Germany, Italy and India now lead the way in attracting finance because of national policies that support renewable energy and carbon reduction targets.” In other words, some governments “support”, i.e. give special favours and grants to small and impractical energy industries, money that comes from the taxpayer, money that wouldn’t be dished out if the government kept its nose out, money that isn’t provided to mainstream markets but instead is bled from such markets. (In essence, the current successful market leaders are paying to finance their competitors.)

Regarding “green” energy, Dr Doug Parr of Greenpeace reckons “it’s completely possible for more than 80% of Europe’s power to come from clean renewable sources.” This may or may not be true, but I highly doubt it. Where are all the private enterprises looking to take advantage of this fact? They would make an astronomical profit surely, (or perhaps they are handicapped by government policies and State monopolies on the provision of energy)? Does anything more really need to be said about the cost and efficiency of mainstream energy vs alternative? No one denies that “Green” energy is cleaner; what us anti-Green people say is that it isn’t practical, and real human beings and their livelihoods in the here and now shouldn’t pay the price for the Green brigade’s delusion that conventional energy is just a life-style choice.

The Sky story concludes “… the pressing question for the Government now is, how many clean technology jobs have been lost in the UK through its failure to attract investment into the industry?” My answer would be: probably not as many jobs in total as have been lost or are financially impossible now, given the government’s all-time-high tax on VAT, all-time-high tax on fuel, continued military campaigns in other countries that don’t serve our self-interest, ever increasing consumption of private and business capital, excessive fees and costs in business start up, an impractical and unworkable cannibalistic healthcare “service”, a bloated vampiric public sector, the severance of paper money to actually-produced goods resulting in inflation, bribing banks and building societies to issue senseless loans, encouraging a consequence-free credit society, milking profitable people and businesses, rewarding failed ones with the money of the former…etc etc?

An even better question is: except in matters of national security or discernible public risk, why don’t governments just let the market decide which avenues it will pursue, based on terms of pure practicality and profitability? If alternative energy sources are profitable and efficient, the good will out.

Incidentally, the Sky article calls for (yet more) government action in the name of “clean” energy, and bemoans the lost jobs and money as a result of its “failure”. What it didn’t focus too much on is that “the Government has given the go-ahead for eight new [nuclear] plants, which it says are needed to guarantee energy security in the future.” So, the government hasn’t pursued inefficient and impractical “clean” energy, has created thousands of new jobs in Britain, and has helped secure long-term energy requirements. I take it back; maybe our government can do something right after all! (By the way, note how the “lost” potential (and artificial) jobs are mourned in the article, but the actual real practical jobs created are glossed over. But then, for the Greenies, human livelihoods are a small price to pay to please Gaia.)


One Response to “Green energy loss and nuclear power gain – was our government right or wrong?”

  1. EvilPuppy Says:

    Giving China as an example of renewable energy supporter made me laugh out loud – it like saying that shit is the biggest supporter of toilet hygiene.

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