The 2011 UK Census is totalitarian and impractical

The 2011 UK Census comes down to this: “share your private information with the government, or go to prison.”

No, this is not “anti-establishment” scare-mongering, but a real life concrete example of totalitarianism. If anyone disagrees with this, simply ask them: “what happens if you refuse to complete the Census on the grounds that the only proper role of government (protecting your Rights) does not extend to gathering personal details about your life and property?

Let’s not forget that the Census itself costs £480,000,000 to conduct. That’s almost half a billion pounds. Remember that the next time someone complains about the state of the NHS. The justification for the Census? It helps government planning in the public sector – another huge waste of money that is the government’s own doing; (jobs created out of thin air that would be unnecessary and unsupportable in the private sector. For “private sector” read: the real world where you have to earn your money.)

Hang on, doesn’t this mean that in order to keep the “public” sector running (paid for by the taxpayer) so as to provide mediocre services, personal intrusions, or economic distortions (that hurt the taxpayer), a Census is required (costing the taxpayer half a billion pounds), which you much comply with under penalty of a fine and (if you refuse) inprisonment (paid for by the taxpayer)? Well, yes.

Of course, if you refuse to comply, the odds are that you won’t be prosecuted. However, the census does prove how utterly impractical force is as an inducement: when people are forced to do something they’d rather not do; when their only incentive is not to be met with force, they’ll do the absolute bare minimum, or undermine the enforcer as much as possible. This is counterproductive to getting useful honest information. If people saw how they could benefit by sharing their personal information, they would – as evidenced by the many private endeavours (such as credit cards, petitions, private insurance, magazine subscriptions, social networking sites, charities etc) where they do give up such details. The fact that a hollow threat of a £1000 fine (backed by a gun) is in one hand whilst the government holds the 2011 census in the other, speaks volumes about how much faith the government and the public have in yet another waste of money and flagrant abuse of state power.


5 Responses to “The 2011 UK Census is totalitarian and impractical”

  1. Scare a monger a day in Japan | Says:

    […] The 2011 UK Census is totalitarian and impractical ( […]

  2. Rougie Says:

    1. I told them that I neither accept nor refuse to fill in the census.
    2. I told them that I don’t recognise the government’s right to initiate force against me, just as I do not recognise any individual’s right to intiate force against me.
    3. I told them that anyone who initiates force against an individual human being, regardless of whoever is doing it, is a criminal, and deserves to be brought to justice.

    The simple fact of the matter is that the government is a criminal and it deserves to be brought to justice. Just because it’s “the government”, doesn’t mean that it’s it cannot commit criminal acts and cannot be brought to justice.

    I’ll fight them in the courts, if I must.

  3. EvilPuppy Says:

    Just out of curiosity, how the Census ended in the UK? In Czech republic it was an utter failure thanks to active resistance of a significant part of the population (not returning/obtaining the census documents; filling in complete and misleading nonsense like Religion: Jedi etc.), while in Slovakia ruled the total chaos caused by ineptitude of govt. institutions with similar results very close to zero 🙂

  4. evanescent Says:

    Ah, I’m pleased to hear that 🙂 Unfortunately in this country the populace is too well trained to obey authority. Most people just dissent in silence if at all. I don’t know the results of the Census and I haven’t heard of anything useful being done with the data.

    I really wish there was more of an outcry. The controversy seems to be mainly about how personal the questions there; no one of public voice was really challenging whether the government had any right demanding any census at gun point from us in the first place.

  5. EvilPuppy Says:

    Well honestly I wish there was a lot more resistance here as well – despite of the abundance of sabotage and boycott, still the majority of ‘sheepizens’ did their ‘duty’.

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