Speed cameras = epic fail

Apparently, 47% of speed cameras in Britain don’t actually work. Excuse me whilst I…hehehe HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! It’s always great to see the government being unable to finance yet another tax-milking scheme. And no, I don’t care for the arguments that speed kills. Lots of things kill, and wreckless driving is wreckless driving whatever speed you’re going. Speed cameras aren’t there for safety, they’re there to milk the public in yet another way. As just one example of this, a man was actually fined for…alerting other road users of a police speed trap… That’s right – he alerted drivers to a speed trap who subsequently slowed down… but because they slowed down as a result of a warning from another driver, as opposed to seeing signs or the police clocking them… the law wasn’t happy. But it’s all about the safety of course…

You’d think tax ontop of tax would be more than enough to finance everything the government wants to do, like build silly public monuments or road works – but even that isn’t enough. Instead, local councils look for money to burn by pointless “road works” in order to secure future funding. It’s a running joke in Britain that we know it’s coming to the end of the financial year when we see workman digging up a hole in the middle of the road just to fill it in again.

The failure of speed cameras is just another example of how government projects like this are simply impractical. Everything needs financing, and when your only source of income is squeezing your citizens, even The State has to give up certain luxuries. It’s another example of how illegitimate State projects fail – because the wealth to operate projects on this scale doesn’t exist on government level; only private companies with a vested interest in making things happen profitably can maintain this. For example:

Katie Shephard, acting general manager of road safety charity Brake, said speed cameras “help to stem the huge cost to the economy of road death and injury.” But clearly, the “huge cost” to the economy cannot be greater than the cost to actually maintain all these cameras in the first place! Which means, it’s actually cheaper to not have speed cameras…

It’s even gotten to the point where ordinary citizens including children are being asked to volunteer to operate speed cameras.

I don’t mean to sound cynical but I am so that’s how it comes across – and this national speed camera obsession is just another example of the British public being treated as cash cows for tax-funded bureaucratic money-spinning pencil pushers that are starting to be caught out by the impracticality and bloody-mindedness of their own schemes. Anyone with half a brain could figure out that speed cameras for the sake of it only needlessly delay drivers, cause frustration, cost a fortune to set up and maintain, and are easily-avoidable traps anyway; drivers simply slow down and speed up after the trap, probably going even faster than normal to make up the time wasted.

Now, of all the genuine criminal issues in society, is this really what an overstretched police force should be doing with its time?


One Response to “Speed cameras = epic fail”

  1. tobe38 Says:

    Very good points.

    It’s also the case that many speed cameras are set up because of a simple failure to avoid the regressive fallacy. The way they decide to set up a speed camera is normally due to a set number of accidents occurring at a particular spot over a given amount of time, e.g. fiver accidents in a year = we need a speed camera there.

    But a relatively safe junction that inevitable has one or two accidents per year will, for no particular reason, suddenly have six accidents in one year. There’s no particular cause, it’s just a fluctuation on the graph, but the council puts a speed camera there.

    The following year, the graph regresses back to the mean, there is only one accident, and guess who takes the credit? Yep, the government for putting a speed camera there, announcing an 83% reduction in accidents. And, of course, all the money made from fines will be spent on putting another speed camera somewhere else that it isn’t needed.

    Whenever the government boast statistics proving how effective speed cameras are, this is how they’ve been compiled.

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