China’s success proves Communism doesn’t work

China has overtaken Japan to become the world’s second biggest economy.  As we all know, China is a communist nation which perfectly demonstrates the result of collectivist ethics: human rights are ignored.

Despite the apparent “success” this might indicate for communism, the irony is that all the purported “flaws” of capitalism actually only occur when its opponents have power.

“Just five years ago China’s GDP was half of Japan’s.

However, its rapid expansion has not been felt by much of Chinese society.

While there are dozens of billionaires, the average income for the rest of its 1.3 billion people is among the world’s lowest.

China has a per capita income of just £2,300 compared to a per capita income of £24,250 in Japan.

Americans remain the richest in the world with a per capita of over £27,000, and their economy is a whole is still by far the biggest.”

A tiny few in China are very rich whilst the population as a whole is, by comparison to international standards, very poor.  Aren’t these the supposed consequences of capitalism; the rich getting rich at the expense of the poor?  Yet isn’t this what happened in Soviet Russia when millions were starved to death?  Don’t we actually find that in less socialised economies the standard of living for the general population is higher and people earn more?

Any system designed for man that ignores the nature of man is doomed to failure.  Communism and socialism have consistently failed to produce wealth and “universal” good, whatever that means, whenever they’ve been practiced.  China’s “success” is no comfort to its one billion inhabitants who are treated like servants of the government.  So much for “the greatest good for the greatest number.”


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