Airbrushed photos petition belies deeper problem with society

It’s no surprise, what with all the rubbish that the All Knowing Government has decreed is necessary to teach in “free” schools, that rational philosophy has been left behind.  Without it, the overwhelming majority of people in society see democracy as some noble if imperfect ideal that the West has achieved.  What they haven’t been taught is what the real power of government actually means.

This is what the power of government is: a gun.  Nothing more, nothing less.  It is the power to use force against people to achieve some end.  The only question is whether that force is used against innocents, i.e.: those who haven’t initiated force against others, or against criminals, people who have initiated force against innocents and need to be restrained.

It’s bad enough when an “evolved” western power like France makes certain types of clothing on private citizens illegal, a throwback to the Nazi occupation of the same country that needed so many foreign lives to liberate it. But you know something is very sick in the world when young girls are being taught the “beauty” (read: power) of modern democracy; the power to point a gun at someone else and make them do what you want. And better still: have it endorsed as empowerment or the wonders of democracy in action.

I refer of course to this.  Of course, our vote-whoring politicians are behind the move and the fascist Advertising Standards Authority is watching it carefully.

There are only two ways to make someone agree with you: reason and force.  Force is most appealing when you can’t convince someone you’re right, which usually happens when you aren’t right but merely want to win the argument.  As an example of this, I offer any socialist.

The problem, young girls, insecure attention seekers, and lazy couch potatoes claim, is that they feel depressed because they can’t look like the supermodels they see on TV or magazine covers.  If you need a disclaimer put on a professional photograph to tip you off that some doctoring might have occurred, you have more serious problems than your looks.  You do, in reality, have a severe case of stupid.  But I’m here to tell you that rather than take responsibility for your looks, by maybe accepting that genetics does not grant everyone equality in body or mind, or getting your diet in order by cutting out simple sugars, fatty foods, or exercising more than once a month – there is (yet again) someone else you can blame: your parents.  Because if your parents are allowing you to, a mere child, to read magazines of this sort and wear adult clothing and makeup, and base your aspirations in life on superficial physical appearance instead of lifelong virtues like rationality, self-esteem, productiveness, honesty etc – then they are just as stupid as you.

One could just as well counter with the claim that showing how people who take care of themselves look like, should inspire, rather than depress, those who want to achieve the same look.  Newsflash: all the disclaimer labels in the world, expensive makeup, and quick-fix diets are no substitute for cutting out junk food and exercising regularly.

It’s important to have pride in your body, just as it’s important to have pride in your mind and the efficacy of both.  But true pride in performance or polish doesn’t come from the lucky hand life may or not have dealt you.  It comes from what you actually achieve yourself.   A woman who works herself down to a respectable size 12 or 14 will have more confidence and pride in her femininity and sex appeal than a lifelong size 8 to 10 who craves to be something she isn’t.  Or the woman who works hard to earn the money to pay for surgery to fix a feature she dislikes about herself; it’s perfectly healthy and moral to do so.  Never settle for second best if you believe you can change, but do so on the principle that the goal is to improve yourself, not make yourself into what you think society is telling you should look like.  And don’t, under any circumstances, avoid the responsibility to think for yourself, blame others, ask the government to pull a gun on them, and threaten to pull the trigger unless they compensate for your idiocy and feeble emotional state.  Oh wait…


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