The perfect solution to anyone who dislikes Apple’s monopoly

As most people know, there is a class action lawsuit against Apple for locking its phones to one service provider in the US: AT&T. It did the same in the UK when the iPhone was released, choosing O2 over competitors. Apple has also been criticised, and looks to have legal action being taken against it for “its absolute control over what applications iPhone owners can and cannot install on the gadgets.”

Should Apple not have absolute control over its own property? Does anyone think that a company as massive and successful as Apple would take any major business decision unless it thought it was in its own self-interest as a company? So, these attempts to bring legal actions against Apple actually represent a demand to make Apple act NOT in its best interest. But why? Why should a company not act in its own best interest? The same interest, by the way, that produced the iPhone and other such inventions in the first place.

Communication companies that did not receive exclusivity agreements with Apple, and developers whose apps won’t work on the iPhone bemoan the fact they’re being “locked out” of the party. Well, they are right. They are. But there is a simple solution to their problem that has been there from day one, a solution that doesn’t violate anyone’s Rights, doesn’t stifle innovation, doesn’t punish success simply for being success, and doesn’t offer yet another innovative company up on the altar of anti-trust altruism:


Oh, what’s that? You can’t? So Apple must produce, so that you can dispose? Apple must create, so that you can use? Apple must sacrifice, so that you can benefit?  There is only one real practice resulting from this sentiment; a practice has been supposedly outlawed against individuals in the entire civilised world: SLAVERY.

(If you really don’t like Apple and want their smartphone “monopoly” broken, vote with your wallet; do what I did and buy an Android phone.  I’d recommend the HTC Desire.  Same features as the iPhone 4; hundreds of pounds cheaper.  And it probably won’t blow up on you either.)