Right to Broadband introduced

Finland makes broadband a ‘legal right’


Truly and utterly despicable.  And the British government has made similar promises.

The word “Right” gets bandied about so much by vacuous collectivists that it has lost all its true meaning today.

There is no “right” to broadband anymore than there is a right to a washing machine or mobile phone.  In fact I’d bet good money that no bureaucrat or “intellectual” or tax-dodger could even define the word “Right”.  If I had to guess, I’d imagine they’d say something like “I need it, therefore I have a Right to it”, which of course is totally evil, but it explains a lot.

Having a right to the property of others means that others have no right to their own property.  Either all rights exist or none of them do.  Introducing a legal right to the property of others is basically saying that NO ONE has any rights, unless the government decides they do.  It can mean nothing else.

And if you want to know why our governments are allowed to get away with such evil statist anti-human control, here’s the answer:

“A poll conducted for the BBC World Service earlier this year found that almost four in five people around the world believed that access to the internet is a fundamental right.”

People are much easier to control when they deliver themselves in chains to the jail.


2 Responses to “Right to Broadband introduced”

  1. Spanish Inquisitor Says:

    I need sex, therefore, I have a right to it.

    I’m glad I got that straightened out. Now, off to convince the wife.

  2. Ana R Kist Says:

    “People are much easier to control when they deliver themselves in chains to the jail.”

    I just loved that part finished off what you said nicely. I think the more people have things handed to them they will just blindly follow, they are almost at the point in Australia of not being able to think at all and they need the government for almost everything. Then again we dont have much of a democracy here in fact it isnt one.

    I do like your use of the word vaccuous to I shall be back to your blog as often as I can..

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