Rumours of my demise

…are greatly exaggerated!  I haven’t been blogging much lately.  Initially this was because I was devoting my literary creativity to a work of fiction, latterly because my passion for writing had diminished due to other things in my life, but mostly because I’ve been playing a MMORPG to death!


In the coming days and weeks I plan to get back onto the regular blogging scene, but I hope to make my posts shorter and more current-affairs based, instead of detailed essays that cover general issues.  This is mostly because I feel I’ve already written about almost every important matter in great detail.


Today I’d just like to mention a complaint several colleagues were having over new congestion charges in Manchester.  The Council is introducing charges merely to enter the city by road, and further congestion charges aimed at reducing car use, pollution etc etc.  Most people who know me are aware of my political stance, which is an application of my morality, and my morality from my philosophy, so on this occasion I didn’t bother entering the discussion.


The interesting thing is that only last week we were discussing government interference in the market.  The typical mixed-economy supporter believes government should interfere in a market where there is a genuine “life-or-death” need, such as healthcare, food and drink, or power.  One of the usual arguments in favour of government interference in the departments of Water and Power is that is lowers prices and ensures competition, when actually the exact opposite is true; government endorsement of one or two companies is actually the ONLY way for coercive monopolies to exist, and even if the cost to the consumer is apparently cheaper, higher taxes and inflation are the result (e.g.: the NHS).


Of course, the very question that mixed economists don’t (and cannot) answer is this: what gives government the right to interfere in the transactions of private businesses and individuals?  There is no legitimate political answer to this question, because there is no moral justification for it.  Government’s sole purpose is to protect the Rights of its citizens, not to deny the “haves” in order to supply the “have-nots”.


This is why the same mixed economists who complain about yet another needless tax are reaping the seeds of their own doing.  They want a government that has arbitrary power to violate the Rights of its people, yet they complain when it actually does so!  But of course, they only complain when THEIR rights are violated!  Who cares about the businessman, whose creativity and industry provides the foundations of society, because he has money anyway?  Who cares about the people who take care of the bodies through good health practices and rarely require healthcare, because they obviously have too much money in the first place?  Who cares about the profitability of companies who can provide water and power, because people “need” these things?  The mixed economists don’t care – they want it THEIR way.  But of course, the only way to force other people to suit you regardless of the cost is by government force, a two-edged sword.  So when inflation soars and government needs even more money to fill the hole created by its interference in the market, it looks to squeeze even more money from its citizens by ridiculous fines and charges.


The mixed economists don’t even question the absurdity of charging ANYONE for using their own property, regardless of what the alarmist environmentalists threaten will happen (which changes from year to year, decade to decade).  Compare the pollution caused by cars to that of enormous power plants.  If polluting the air is wrong (it’s negligible anyway) let’s close the power plants.  Instead we’ll just light fires to keep warm.  But wait, burning fuel releases carbon dioxide, and we can’t have that…


Anyway, the point is to highlight the contradictions inherent in any socialist’s politics.  A typical socialist wants government interference, and doesn’t want it.  A socialist wants government to have enormous discretionary power, and then complains when HIS rights are violated.  This is because a person’s politics are derived from their morality, and the morality of the socialist (which is the true name for a mixed economist) is that of collectivism and altruism.  And the collectivist denies that any man has a right to live for his own sake; that his sole purpose for living is to serve others.  They must believe this, because if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be collectivists, and would necessarily embrace the ONLY political system that totally respects individual Rights: capitalism.


So before you moan about more taxes and congestion charges etc, check your politics, check your morals.


3 Responses to “Rumours of my demise”

  1. Ergo Says:

    Hey, good to have you back! 🙂

    Well, I don’t intend to dampen your mood, but this is something related to what you’re saying and what’s currently happening in India.

    In a state called West Bengal (a traditionally Communist state with the ruling party being the Communist Party of India, Marxist), the TATA Motors company wanted to start production of their world’s cheapest car: the TATA Nano. However, TATA needed land to build the production and supplier facility. Since the state is communist and India recognizes no private property rights, TATA Motors had to approach the state government for land. The government promptly seized land from the poor farmers and villagers of Singoor in West Bengal and gave that land to TATA. The government was eager to appear “industry friendly” in order to save its collapsed economy. In return, only some of the farmer received some meager compensation.

    TATA almost began production there when local political parties and NGOs went on strike, road blocks, intimidation, and general threats demanding that TATA stop producing the world’s cheapest cars on land expropriated from poor farmers. They demanded that the land be returned, the facility be relocated, or farmers be paid higher amounts of compensation.

    Now, TATA CEO meanwhile threatened to simply get out of that state (essentially, shrug) and move to a more business-friendly state if this issue was not sorted out quickly. The negotiations are still at stalemate.

    Meanwhile, the latest development today was that certain NGOs and groups in the state has moved to the High Courts *demanding* that TATA Motors NOT BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE STATE OF WEST BENGAL even if the negotiations fail.

    Essentially, the communist state and the NGOs are holding the TATA company at ransom. This is right out of Atlas Shrugged.

  2. Karl Says:

    Liberal scum, good to see you back though!

  3. evanescent Says:

    Hi Ergo, that’s a really fascinating and incredible situation! If you get the time you should post a full article on that!

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