Planetarium for your PC

I came across a piece of software this morning that is a must, if you like astronomy or planetariums!

It allows you to scan the heavens in 360 degrees, external to earth. It’s also in real time so you can see the earth as it would look in space right now, and where day and night are.

Here’s the link: (opens in new tab)

And here’s a screenshot from my computer of the earth in space at this moment in time, 12.42 pm GMT:



3 Responses to “Planetarium for your PC”

  1. Scott Hughes Says:

    It’s like the inverse of Google Earth. Thanks!

  2. TPO Says:

    That’s great! Thank you for the info and the link.

  3. GjK Says:

    I’ll check this one out, it sounds very similar to this program which is quite cool and offers all the features you mentioned above.

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