Total Lunar Eclipse – Wed 20th Feb 08

Today (Wednesday 20th February 2008 – yeah that’s right America, I put the date in the correct format!) sees a total lunar eclipse. Or more precisely, tonight does.

I encourage everyone to take a walk outside tonight and look up and check out this fantastic phenomenon. Or if you live in Manchester, just poke your head of out the cardboard box.

Unfortunately it’ll take place at about 3am here in England, so if I do get up to see it what do you want to bet the sky will probably be overcast? Yes that’s right, believe it or not it does cloud over from time to time in England. That’s a bit harsh really, given the beautiful weather and clear skies we’ve had lately. For the first time in months the British public was treated to a rare sight indeed. The sun. I don’t care though – I hate the sun. My friends have started calling me a vampire. I just thought that had something to do with the black nail varnish and leather. I’m joking – I don’t wear leather.

Here is the MSN Link for the total lunar eclipse:

And the same from Facebook which shows what times the eclipse will be visible around the world:

If anyone observes this amazing spectacle and gets any good pictures (of the moon) or wants to describe it from their POV, drop me a comment.




10 Responses to “Total Lunar Eclipse – Wed 20th Feb 08”

  1. mz Says:

    went out and tried looking couldn’t see nothing but a red hue in the sky maybe due to light pollution

    a real shame

  2. yourfootgirl Says:

    I have been stepping out back to peek at it from time to time this evening, unfortunately its just a little too cold here to sit out and enjoy the whole show.

  3. Jersey Says:

    LOL. I had the convenience of seeing it outside my front door at 7 pm PST. And we’ll get to chat it up manaña in karate class. 😛

  4. Altoona Atheist Says:

    It was awesome I got a billion pics and videos!Some how we lucked out in PA and had clear skies with the occasional puffy cloud and it was cold as hell! Well worth the build up, at total eclipse the moon had an orangey red hue, and their were two ‘stars’ near it making a really cool triangle shape! If you can’t see it have a look at my pics, I posted a few on my blog.

  5. Just saying Says:

    Does anyone else, see two faces on the moon here and most of the other posting on the internet for 2008 and 2007.
    Tilt your head to the right as far as you can and you will see a face on the right( he is looking to the left), that appears to be a man with large eyes or glasses. ( honest) now with your head still tilted to the right look left and you will see another face (looking to the right) with large eyes, full lips, and a full beard and afro like hair, he and the first guy share the same right eye, nose and lips. Please tell me someone else can see this. I saw this briefly on the news this morning,,, but i had to google more pictures to see these two guys. Look carefully you will see what i am saying,,, now check other photos on the net.

  6. Spanish Inquisitor Says:

    I agree with Altoona, in fact, she’s not far from me. We had snow all day, but for some reason the skies cleared up, the moon was bright, and I got to watch the whole thing. I tried to take some pictures, but I need to take a photography course and learn how to use this damn camera.

    The star to the left was actually Saturn.

    More snow tonight.

  7. evanescent Says:

    I wish we’d get some snow here. We don’t actually see a lot of snow in England these days anyway to be honest, and even less so where I live; must be something to do with the pollution. When I was young I remember being able to make snowmen and everything, but not anymore!

  8. Spanish Inquisitor Says:

    Leave me your address, I’ll send you some.

  9. Ijonature Says:

    I miss the snow. 😦

  10. Ralph Says:

    Too many clouds here in Ky. to get a good view.

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