Liars and Plagiarists

I came across a blog a while ago on Myspace because it linked to my blog here at WordPress, as there were hyperlinks in the article. As soon as I started reading, I noticed how well-written and articulate it was – and how much I agreed with the viewpoints expressed. In fact, it reminded me of something I had written myself. No surprise, because it was something I’d written! The “blogger” in question (I use that word lightly, I should say ‘plagiarist’) had simply copy and pasted my article into his own blog, passing it off as his own. When I commented on the article exposing the fraud, he deleted my comment but put a link to the original at the very bottom, with no other comments.

Now, it’s happened again. I hesitate to give this guy more traffic, but here is the link. Which is a direct copy of my article Why Do I Bother? I’ve left him a comment but I doubt it will remain there for long.

I put a lot of time and effort into my blog, and it’s no sacrifice because I enjoy it a lot and it’s a great form of creative and emotional expression for me, and I get the chance to interact with other intelligent people. The height of intellectually laziness and personal dishonesty though is passing somebody else’s hard work off as your own.

Maybe this guy did credit me (I can’t find it though), but if you stole someone else’s work, wouldn’t you feel a twinge of guilt and conscience every time someone said “great post”, “great blog”, “great article, well said!” etc? And just look how many compliments this guy gets on “his” blog – does he correct anyone even once? Nope. He just lets it lie, hoping a lie of omission doesn’t count as a real lie.

That’s all I want to say because I’m fuming right now. I encourage my readers to drop by the article and tell this guy what a liar he is. I get the impression from other comments that he does this sort of thing a lot.


The plagiarist has since replied on his Myspace blog, presumably in between sending chat-up messages to other teenage kiddies:

Funny because this isn’t the first time I have posted this. The first time I posted it was here, and I gave you credit at the top.

Somebody emailed me the other day asking why I bother with the debate on myspace, and I remembered the article. I linked them to it. Then I thought it deserved a repost, so I hit ctrl a, and ctrl c real quick, but it copied a bunch of crap with your article, and I erased everything with code it in before the article, including your link.

You really shouldn’t come in here attacking my character and leveling accusations at me for several reasons:

(1) I have never spoken to you before (not that I am aware of)

(2) Your accusation of dishonesty is unfounded, considering I gave NO indication that I wrote the article.

(3) I have written better articles than this.

(4) Your wordpress blog is HIDEOUS

To prove that I am being dishonest you would have to know my intentions, which you don’t. It seems you are more concerned that you get a little pat on your back for your article, than you are with the application of the article.

I do not seek credit for any of my work, and I do not seek popularity (as you can probably tell from how I am speaking to you). What I seek, is to have an effect. It is highly suspect that a person who says they are concerned about their fellow man, is offended that his article is spread around the internet without a fucking link to his shitty wordpress blog. You are almost as bad as an evangelical who asks for money.

To which I replied:

“Yeah I remember you posting it first time around, and I messaged you with a comment. You THEN put a link at the bottom of “your” article and deleted my comment.

As for your nonsense about the application of the article, something I also feel strongly about is honesty. If I was going to reproduce someone else’s work, I would damn well make sure I didn’t pretend it was mine. You are dishonest, because you posted the article originally without any credit (I would be saying all this whether it was mine or not), and then did it again. And each and every time someone new came along saying “good post”, “good blog” etc you sat there lapping it up and saying nothing – a lie of omission is still a lie.

Now, it is your dishonesty that I dislike, and I would be just as angry no matter whose work you appropriated. If this is a topic that you feel strongly about, why not write your own article? Or link to someone else’s?


1. your character speaks for itself

2. oh ok, so I can reproduce the lyrics and music for any song ever written and unless I explicitly state otherwise, people must ASSUME that I DIDN’T write it? Pathetic. Try that with any author or artist and write to me from a jail cell when you get sued.

3. really? Where are they? It seems you couldn’t write a better article than my “Why Do I bother?” though eh? Liar.

4. Sorry, if my wordpress blog looked like a toy advert and scene from Tiberium Wars, that would make it better yes? Sorry, some of us who take this subject seriously publish our articles on something a little more professional than a social-networking site.

If my work is so rubbish, don’t pretend to pass it off as your own. Your work is amateur.

If you don’t seek credit for your work, you should have disavowed the article….curious that you didn’t. I do seek credit for my work, unashamedly, because I’m proud of it. Your actions aren’t a slight against me, they’re a sign of bad authorship and dishonesty, the very things you claim to despise. At the very least, it’s a sign of awfully bad blogging etiquette, you should know better.”


14 Responses to “Liars and Plagiarists”

  1. Dave McRitchie Says:

    I would never plagiarize another bloggers work. What I do at times is publish a complete article from a website or a newspaper that I feel merits more attention than it might otherwise get.

    However, I always give a link to the original and in some instances, where possible, ask permission from the author. I have never been turned down. In one instance the author, Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe, actually sent me his original MSWord article complete with links to the information he used to write it.

    Another example is my current post that I have linked back to the Globe and Mail newspaper.

    I think someone once said “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”


  2. plonkee @ the religious atheist Says:

    Complain to Myspace. If he’s done it once, he’ll probably do it again.

  3. Ergo Says:

    Woah! That’s so infuriating! I wonder if you can complain and have his blog revoked entirely. I hope so.

  4. Spanish Inquisitor Says:

    They should change the adage to “theft is the highest form of flattery”. 8)

  5. John Morales Says:

    Calm down… You’ve pointed out the fact and anyone who checks can determine the truth of the matter.

    You’ve lost nothing, the plagiarist has lost credibility. Isn’t that justice enough? 🙂

  6. evanescent Says:

    John, the fact that I have highlighted the fact, discredited and hopefully embarrassed the plagiarist, reclaimed the praise that was rightfully mine, gotten this issue of my chest, and established my rightly property, means that justice has now been done.

    Personally, I think an apology from the plagiarist and a promise never to do it again wouldn’t go amiss either.

  7. Presents For The Dead Says:

    Evanescent, you have got to admit his site if far superior to your own. I am all for people taking other peoples work and giving it that glossy edge, you know it wouldn’t do you any harm to brighten things up around here.
    If there could be some arrangement for all your posts to be on his site that would be great, I will add the site to my favourites list now. You know it even says he is in a relationship too. (2-0 to him I think)
    PS Has anyone seen the new Star Trek Trailer! Kick Ass!!!

  8. John Morales Says:

    PFTD: You might like garish backgrounds, advertising, video junk and intrusive background music with some content embedded in it, but I for one find all that junk very annoying.

    Evanescent, I appreciate clean, lean and mean.

  9. evanescent Says:

    Hi John, thank you! – I like it efficient too, instead of some blogs that resemble an advert for Toys’R’Us.

  10. Ergo Says:

    Woah! The gall of that leech to even mount a defense of his parasitic act, let alone insult you in addition! Typical of such low-lives. Since he doesn’t care about credit (property) and has no pride in his work (lack of self-esteem, justifiably, I’m sure), he demands that others shouldn’t either and that to be the opposite of him is a shameful vice! He has the psychology of a wretched begger who despises wealth not because he doesn’t have it, but because others do.

  11. evanescent Says:

    Brilliant observations Ergo! I totally agree, his attitude betrays his lack of personal values and morality.

  12. Shaun Says:

    I’ve had this happen several times before. One time the person in question actually was good enough at what he was doing to trick Google into thinking that his article was the original.

    Yes, incredibly infuriating.

  13. Eric G. Says:

    And now his page is set to be viewable only by friends. This way he can steal your work in private without your incessant nagging about receiving “credit for your work”.

  14. Jersey Says:

    What I ESPECIALLY hate is not only when someone copies your work…but they don’t even use your own real name/pseudonym when they “link” to your article!!

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