‘Jehovah’s Witnesses’ – An Orwellian Nightmare

Far be it for me to single out one particular ludicrous belief system, after all, it’s easy to laugh at talks of aliens, intergalactic rulers, thetans, Xenu, and cosmological conspiracies, but it’s just as easy to laugh at demons, devils, ghosts, gods, spirits, virgin births, triune divinities, talking snakes, or intelligent design.

My top three insidious ersatz religions of the world today are Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, and Scientology.This is based on my opinion alone of course.I will discuss the other two another time, but explain a bit about JWs here.This is a subject I’m very familiar with.

This group was founded back in the 1870s.Now, say what you like about JWs, but they are proficiently versed in the bible, or at least their version and interpretation of it.I would definitely class them as fundamental Christians.They also reject core doctrines of mainstream Christianity, such as the Trinity, Hell, or the concept of an immortal soul. Whether you think this discounts them as “true” Christians depends on your interpretation of scripture (which not many Christians themselves can agree on).The concept of Hell was invented in the New Testament, and the Trinity is a pagan Babylonian teaching that you will find mixed support for in the bible itself.The idea of life after death and souls also came later; the Jews of the OT under Yahweh had no such beliefs.

JWs are generally very nice, law-abiding citizens.They also use their good reputation as a huge PR fillip.A favourite catchphrase is “if everyone in the world was like us, there’d be no war, suffering, violence, or hatred.”However, nothing could be further from the truth.

JWs merely demonstrate that when religion is small, powerless, and frightened, it keeps its head down, minds its own business, and preaches love and gradual assimilation.Whereas when religion gets big and powerful the result is oppression, totalitarianism, suffering, and death.At its zenith, religion doesn’t need to proclaim love and brotherhood, it simply threatens and forces its way to victory.Religion with power is very much like the Borg.What it cannot assimilate, it destroys.And with god on its side, it believes resistance is futile.

The commonalities between a sinister religious cult and a mainstream religion are core ridiculous myths.The differences are that whereas a mainstream religion has had centuries to integrate the absurdities into enlightened times, or convolute a series of ad hoc preposterous justifications for original nonsensical doctrines, cults like JWs resemble a badly written TV drama series: they have to keep the viewer entertained by constant cliffhangers, and because of the absurd claims and awful continuity errors, they’re forced to rehash original story, distort previous doctrines, lie, or suggest that if you have a problem with any changes, perhaps there was something wrong with your original understanding.(Jehovah’s Witnesses were clearly the role model for George Lucas when he made his Star Wars prequels.)

Here is a list of false prophecies, distortions, and lies of the JW society.This* is an excellent website reviewing the current affairs of JWs.

My gripe is not that the Watchtower is consistently wrong (which it is), but that they rewrite their history and lie to their members.Their stance on organ transplants has changed at least twice, and they have publically eased off on the stance of blood transfusions.(I suspect hardly any rank and file members are aware that religious sanctions for accepting a blood transfusion are against EU law which the Society agreed to abide by.Does this stop JWs being disfellowshipped?I’d be very interested to know!)

JWs are sternly ordered not to review any apostate material (so it’s unlikely any of them would visit my blog anyway!) and unfortunately they are unlikely to give any critical literature the time of day.What a wonderful self-perpetuating trap.Aren’t the ones who most strongly censor those with something to hide?

One of the most overriding emotions of association with Jehovah Witnesses’ meetings and literature is boredom.This is because nothing new is ever produced.The society has been churning out the same old bilge for decades, but rehashing it in various forms.Every now and then a change in doctrine comes along (called “New Light”) which is either a minor or major change in what was believed all along.In other words, what was “true” ten years ago may be considered “false” today, and JWs are required to go along with whatever the latest understanding is.One might find something grotesquely Orwellian with terms like “New Light”, “New Truth”, and “Follow the society’s latest understanding, whatever that is”, flying about.Even Jehovah’s Witnesses’ parlance and euphemisms have an air of Newspeak about them.

Another unfortunate observation I have of Jehovah’s Witnesses is their low intelligence.You may think me rather arrogant or superior-thinking to say that, but the reality however is really just that simple.In general, attendees are not very well educated and not very good at logical thinking.A Big Brother who will tell you right from wrong and what to think, and even how to think, is no doubt comforting for these people.It is also this type of people who are most likely to be attracted to the ‘Party’ too, in my opinion.The Society takes advantage of this in its members.It undoubtedly encourages reading, writing, and talking skills, but this is just a means to an end.A JW who cannot be brainwashed through words or thought, and who cannot assimilate new members is useless.(If you doubt this, you ask a JW to give you the proper scientific definition of evolution, or the common arguments against the existence of god – you will get no response.This is because JWs are not trained to be experts on philosophy, or religion, or science, or debate, or discussion; they are trained to be experts at converting.)

Independent thought, excessive questioning, and free enquiry are unashamedly suppressed.Independence is openly denounced as a vice of The World (JW Newspeak to refer to “us”, the non-JWs who are wicked and will be destroyed, although JWs rarely openly admit this.Jehovah’s Witnesses therefore employ Doublethink quite a lot: pretending that people of The World may or may not be destroyed, yet simultaneously believing that they will).A newcomer will be welcomed to question freely, but once they are a fully-fledged member, this sort of honest enquiry is inappropriate.There is no room for unilateral opinion or thought; if you don’t agree with a Watchtower doctrine, you must learn to understand it or ‘wait until Jehovah reveals it’.

I’ve loved science since as far back as I can remember, and I was frequently flabbergasted by the scientific illiteracy demonstrated by the JW members I was surrounded by, and those who actually gave talks.I distinctly remember hearing one “Brother” on the platform saying something like:

“Scientists now are having second thoughts about the Big Bang, aren’t they?After all, if there was a big explosion, wouldn’t there be stars everywhere scattered all over the place?”

Whether he spoke for the Society or not is irrelevant; this sort of embarrassing ignorance sent alarm bells ringing in my head; would that anyone else in the congregation have known any better than the credulous speaker did . (Although I’m sure my mum did).Would it have been too much to ask for someone to cough out rather loudly: “GRAVITY!”?I guess so.

Those that fill positions of authority in the Organisation are not generally very intelligent in my experience, and a long familiarity with their literatures leaves me with the distinct impression that the Leaders themselves are either very unintelligent or incredibly deceptive.There is simply no way to explain the contradictions, reversals, deceptions, distortions, misquotes, and outright lies without assuming that the Society knows what it’s doing.There’s no greater example of this than their publication: “Life – How did it get here?By Evolution or Creation?”(In this day and age, the Society routinely churns out more strawmen and lies about evolution, whilst resorting to the Argument from Design that was exposed for the vacuous flotsam it was over a hundred years ago!)

Let me return to their claim that if only there were more people like them in the world it would be a much better place:

To live in a world of Jehovah’s Witnesses would be to live in a sterile ignorant Dark Ages.Freedom of speech and right of opinion would be the first to go.Next would follow the right to gamble.Sexual freedom?Not a chance.One partner, forever, in the one position.Sex before marriage? Gone.Homosexuality?Punishable by death.Dating?No, not unlessyou intend to marry.Science?Only if it doesn’t conflict with the Society’s understanding of scripture.(So, no then.)There would be only one train of thought: The Society’s.Any contrary viewpoint would be censored.

However, a world of JWs if their beliefs were true would be even worse!You would live in the worst possible land of totalitarian rule.Thoughtcrime would be a reality!Your entire existence would be based around worshipping another being every single day for eternity.Of course, no real progress in society, technology, or science would ever be made, because sooner or later some unfortunate fact about the real world would rear its head and have to be rejected by the Society, or incorporated into Newspeak and history would be retrospectively altered as though it was there all along.Paedophiles and more paedophiles would be protected by the Organisation.Evil sadists would go uncovered for years because of their long standing in the congregation.

The JWs are not the most dangerous (yet) of small cultish sects, but they are one of the most despicable and insidious.Not because of the unfortunate ignorant uneducated masses that count among the standard ranks, but because of the hateful fundamentalist dogma they believe, and because of how ignorant and backwards their followers are kept.The Governing Body has a lot to answer for, and I wonder how long they can keep putting Armageddon back and telling their members “any day now!It is just around the corner!”Perhaps forever?

But why would you want to escape a prison of lies when you are told the outside is a hopeless world of wicked evil sinners?What is independent thought when your own ideas and doubts are not to be trusted, and when your memories can be transformed by the revising history-altering publicists at the Watchtower Party?

“He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.”

This is an interesting although melodramatic video. Unfortunately it ends with all the wrong messages: don’t choose JW’s god, choose another. Don’t believe the Jesus of JWs, believe the “real Jesus”.  In other words, some people who leave JWs just replace one pack of superstitious lies for another.  I couldn’t do that.  (But then, my reasons for leaving were not because of the lies of the Watchtower, but because critical thinking excludes all religions, JWs included.)

*Broken link now.


13 Responses to “‘Jehovah’s Witnesses’ – An Orwellian Nightmare”

  1. cragar Says:

    Great post, I’ll watch the video tonight when I get home.

    My gripe is not that the Watchtower is consistently wrong (which it is), but that they rewrite their history and lie to their members. Their stance on organ transplants has changed at least twice, and they have publically eased off on the stance of blood transfusions.

    From everything I have seen they are still promoting to not get blood transfusions.

    Another unfortunate observation I have of Jehovah’s Witnesses is their low intelligence. You may think me rather arrogant or superior-thinking to say that, but the reality however is really just that simple. In general, attendees are not very well educated and not very good at logical thinking.

    This kind of ties in with your previous point that they cannot view opposing opinions. Once indoctrined, who wants to be a logical thinker since the system is going to end and we are going to have a 1000 year reign anyway? They even severely downplay getting a higher education-the very thing that will probably cause an even semi intelligent person to go WTF are they teaching me over there?

  2. evanescent Says:

    Very astutely observed, cragar! 😉

  3. cragar Says:

    Another interesting thing, and I may point out more later, is that thing about the door to door prosceltyzing. Who are the most likely persons to open the door and take a listen? Why the poor and uneducated of course!

  4. Darren Says:

    I used to take great satisfaction from arguing with JWs when they knock the door. I must be in a very small minority that actually wants JWs to come and knock on my door! It’s good sport and entertainment, and if I can keeo them at my door for as long as possible, then I’m pleased to do my fellow man a service to keep them occupied. 🙂

    Sadly, I now live in an area that seems devoid of JWs. I’ve even considered attending an Alpha Course to get the same kind of sport. Maybe I could infiltrate and blog about the experience… 🙂

    I also agree with your point about intelligence being generally inversely proportionate to the religious thinker, and not just JWs. It’s one of the topics I’ve thought about posting.

  5. ordinary girl Says:

    To live in a world of Jehovah’s Witnesses would be to live in a sterile ignorant Dark Ages. Freedom of speech and right of opinion would be the first to go. Next would follow the right to gamble. Sexual freedom? Not a chance. One partner, forever, in the one position. Sex before marriage? Gone. Homosexuality? Punishable by death. Dating? No, not unless you intend to marry. Science? Only if it doesn’t conflict with the Society’s understanding of scripture. (So, no then.) There would be only one train of thought: The Society’s. Any contrary viewpoint would be censored.

    I was raised in a Pentecostal, fundamentalist, Christian church and their teaching did not differ at all in these aspects. My parents would have been more for segregation from elements like homosexuality and witchcraft or possibly “re-education” for those people, instead of death, but there were members that wanted the literal interpretation of the Bible.

  6. Spanish Inquisitor Says:

    Good post. Seriously. I didn’t know that much about the JWs.

    By the way. You’ve been tagged.

  7. Doris Tracey Says:

    This is a wonderful post and full of enlightenment. As you know we are all here to learn something in this world and birds of a feather always flock together. Many sects do not believe in free will and I realize that many have lost their free will. Many of us in America seem to be sitting in different camps and are not united in our minds and hearts, very dangerous. Many of us seem like aliens to one another, we have grown so far apart, very sad to me. Many people are searching and desire to know truth, and unfortunately end up in the wrong direction. We all learn through trial and error and suffering. I am sad for this superficial world we live in. It is very lonely to not know people for who they really are.

  8. tracya Says:

    thanks for presenting JW’s as they are…i’ve also heard that all the converting has to do with their belief that only 140,000 (or is it 139,000?) people will get into the “kingdom of heaven” and as they bring more people into the group they move up the queue…

    about blood transfusions, as a nurse we have recently had a 15 year old 20 stone JW boy who’d been hit riding his bike…his hemoglobin dropped to less than 6 (should have been 14-16) his parents (mostly the dad) refused to allow him to be transfused. the hospital finally sought and made him a ward of the court but didn’t transfuse him then either…what was so stressful was that the parents kept bringing in these very well dressed elders who watched and questioned everything the nurses did. they were very intimidating.

    a few months ago we had another JW patient in her 30’s who bled after a nephrectomy, her family let her die…

    i agree with them being uneducated. if you are so gullible that you have to be told how to live your life down to the minute details, something is seriously missing. i think it falls into the cult category.

  9. evanescent Says:

    Hi Tracya, thanks for commenting.

    What you’ve heard about the 144,000 isn’t strictly true. They believe that 144,000 will go to heaven; the first 144,000 to become baptised after Jesus’ sacrifice. Apparently this number is closed or virtually closed (all the members alive today must be very old). Those who don’t “make it” into the 144,000 form the “Great Crowd” who will live in paradise forever on earth. JWs therefore have no belief in an afterlife as such.

    As for blood transfusions, I am disgusted. Granted, I never used to be. I used to be in the position of believing that I would never have one, and I’d make that “courageous” moral call for Jehovah.

    Now that I know the truth, I realise that the Governing Body, a collection of old unintelligent clueless sinister old men have the blood of thousands of JWs on their hands. The only thing that protects them is what protects all religious scams: being ‘religious’. If our society treated religion like it did any other commercial enterprise, fraudsters like this (and Scientology etc) would be bankrupt in no time.

  10. Danny Haszard Says:

    All you need to know about the Jehovah’s Witnesses is that they say “Jesus had his return to power” aka his second coming in the year 1914.

    What do you think?

    Debunking the Jehovah’s Witnesses propaganda:
    A) They are at your door to recruit you for enslavement to their watchtower corporation,they will say that “we are just here to share a message from the Bible” this is deception right off.

    B) The ‘message’ is their false Gospel that Jesus had his second coming already in 1914.The problem with this,is it’s not just a cute fairy tale,Jesus warned of the false prophets who would claim “..look he is here in the wilderness,or see here he is at the temple”

    C) Their anti-blood transfusion ban has killed hundreds if not thousands

    D) once they recruit you they will “love bomb” you in cult fashion to also recruit your family & friends or cut them off. There are many more dangers,Jehovah’s Witnesses got a bad rap for good and valid reasons.
    Danny Haszard Jehovah’s Witness X 33 years and 3rd generation

  11. evanescent Says:

    Hi Danny

    thanks for the comment.

    You’re right about the tactics of the Watchtower. There is an unspoken Doublethink at work in the methods and minds of the JWs; they claim and pretend to each other that they’re just there to “preach the good news” and talk about the bible. But their goal is to convert, it’s as simple as that. If they knew in advance that somebody would talk forever about the bible but never convert, they wouldn’t bother with that person.

    They are certainly false prophets, but then all religions make claims that never come true.

    The Governing Blood certainly has the blood of thousands on its hands.

    The “love bomb” effect you describe is also definitely true. Once you are isolated from your former friends and dependent on the JWs for social contact and support, it’s that much harder to leave.

  12. AV Says:

    I’ve written about these guys too:


  13. Adrienne Says:

    This cult is incredibly psychologically abusive. I am renting a room in the home of a woman who is a Jehovah’s Witness and whose husband is not one. At first she was very kind to me, but that lasted only as long as I was interested in possible conversion. After two “Bible studies” with these people, I realized that it was a cult that would not tolerate any free thought; I could not answer the questions in their booklets with my own thoughts, only theirs. After I told them “No,” my landlord-friend turned vicious toward me, banning me from all social activities and calling me such unlovely names as dog, swine, Babylonian, and Belial– and using the Bible itself to “prove” that I was all of these terrible things, and that she is “commanded” to treat me this way.

    The real kicker is this: She is collecting food and health assistance from the State but is concealing her assets to collect these benefits illegally. Apparently, she sees nothing wrong with stealing tens of thousands of dollars from the State, but I am an outcast for simply refusing to read any more Watchtower literature. Of course, I will be moving out of her home soon because she is afraid that I will “bring demons into the home. It just sickens me that she is treating me so badly in the name of “Jehovah.”

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