‘Can the rest of us have our planet back?’ by Marcus Brigstocke

I found this here:

‘Reposted from:

Stand-up comedian Marcus Brigstocke delivered a seven-minute rant during this evening’s Now Show on BBC Radio 4, on the evils of religion (I think he’s been reading The God Delusion).’

Perhaps humour is the best way to expose this nonsense for what it is and win the average good-hearted religious person over!

This video is brilliant, but it has some real gems. Drop me a comment and let me know what your favourite part is.


6 Responses to “‘Can the rest of us have our planet back?’ by Marcus Brigstocke”

  1. tobe38 Says:

    This is hilarious – absolutely brilliant.

    So many favourites, but I’d go with:

    (addressing Muslims) I mean, seriously, what’s wrong with a strongly worded letter to the Times?!

  2. Bacony Goodness Says:

    Wow, that was a waste of my life. Most of it just bashing people, not my kind of humor but whatever.

  3. tobe38 Says:

    @ Bacony Goodness,

    Humour is subjective so if this wasn’t your cup of tea, then fair enough. But I do have to take issue with this,

    Most of it just bashing people

    because a) it really wasn’t, there were some very good points made, as Evanescent said in the introduction and b) even when bashing does occur, it’s hard to tell a joke without someone somewhere being the butt of it.

  4. Darren Says:

    Brilliant. I do agree with the point, as Sam Harris wrote, that the religious moderates are the power base for the loons. Excellently done.

  5. Rob Clack Says:

    So good, so true, so funny! I put a link to it on my blog so my reader can see it.

  6. James Says:

    Very good. I saw Marcus Brigstocke live at the weekend and he was very funny and also very thought-provoking. The basic theme was God and he also threw in a bit of Eco stuff. It’s funny you mention The God Delusion – he has certainly read it and had it and a bible as props to quote from during his show. Listening to the above it is clear a lot of his current show is still based on the material he wrote back in 2007 – but that doesn’t matter, it’s still all applicable and well worth listening to.

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