My Tributes – Tue 5th Jun 07

I started this blog back in January this year. At first it started off as a series of mini-rants but soon I was writing full blown essays on things that, in my opinion, increased in importance.

Having achieved well over 2000 views on Myspace and well over 1000 on WordPress I thought it’d be time to pat myself on the back and thank all those people who accepted money for reading what I write and being my “friend”. So I thought it’d be nice to give something back, in between all the charity work I do taking care of retards.

I’ve received a few messages from people online saying they really enjoy my blog, which has increased my desire to continue writing, and also my already over-inflated ego. (I think selling autographs on eBay might have been jumping the gun).

The truth is, I wouldn’t write anything online if it wasn’t for certain sites that I came across. I can only encourage people to check them out for yourself because you won’t be disappointed.

Stephen Bond publishes his thoughts and opinions on his webpage. His knowledge and quality of writing are impressive. His site was truly the first to inspire me to publish my own articles.

The website which undoubtedly initiated my de-conversion and changed my life forever is the Skeptic’s Dictionary. I can’t think of a better accolade really.

As I was de-converting, I came across the best atheist / evolutionary website there is. Ebon Musings is fully understandable to all, and nothing is missed. This guy’s research is second-to-none. It was invaluable to me, and many a time on lunch in work (since I didn’t have internet access), I’d read saved copies of all his essays. Adam (I hope he doesn’t mind me using his name) also runs Daylight Atheism, an atheist-themed blog.

I came across Pat Condell recently, and have tried to promote him as best as possible. Not only because what he says is incredibly funny and also incredibly insightful, but because when he becomes world famous I’ll hopefully get free tickets to all his gigs and nail any tagalong ladies. This man’s a legend. Check his stuff out.

I suppose I also have to give quasi-thinks to the Mancunian who twisted my arm to join Myspace in the first place. He’s from Manchester, which means he doesn’t have a soul and his arrogance rivals the galactic core in volume, but I guess I owe him. I won’t mention him by name because, well, it’d take all the fun out of Crimewatch.

How can one so young be so learned, intelligent, and brave? You should really read what Blue Linchpin has to say. She should be an inspiration to everyone, and I don’t mean that lightly.

Finally, I have to mention one of my best friends who, through constant text-bombing and moaning like a pregnant otter, convinced me to join WordPress and simultaneously publish my blog on there/here. A Load of Bright is one of the best free-thinker/atheist/sceptical blogs on the internet, and no subject is too big or small for Tobe38 to tackle. Yesterday, Tobe38 received his 10,000th hit! (In all fairness he should stop touching up girls when their boyfriends are right there.) Coincidentally, he also received his 10,000th view on his blog, and when you consider it’s only been running for 3 months, that’s quite impressive.

There are thousands of other great blogs and sites out there so if you think you should be on this list and I’ve left you out, you’re wrong. Get over it.

I hope I’ve gave you a few new things to read. If nothing else I’ve done my blog-penance for another day!

As Pat Condell would say, “peace!”


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