My Departure – Thu 10th May 07

Well, even superheroes need a holiday every now and then, and this is mine!  I’m off to chill out, reflect on the meaning of life, take a break from the fame and fortune that is my everyday life, and go on vacation (I can sense the cringing of English readers).

Like any good Englishman on vacation I intend to of course drink lots of alcohol, offend plenty of people I don’t know, stay up very late and abuse the fact that I’m not in work the next day, and of course the timeless classic: meet a random girl of questionable age.

Of course all this means that for one week I won’t be posting any more articles, but this is actually a good thing for two reasons: 1. it’s good to see how the whole internet copes without me (not very well I imagine), and 2. it gives everyone a chance to go back and read everything I’ve ever written from the start.

I’m hoping that the time off will give all my fans a chance to catch up with the Gospel according to Tim, and inspire me to write all new fantastic articles.

Being the internet junkie that I am though, I’ll probably check my mail every now and then so anyone is free to mail me or leave comments.


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