My Way or the Highway

You know what pisses me off? Post-watershed programmes being edited so they can be televised before the watershed!

I’m not talking about Basic Instinct either. I’m talking about Scrubs. I was watching Scrubs on E4 before about teatime and it had been edited so much there must have been at least 5 minutes of the episode missing.

Heaven forbid viewers are subjected to words like “knockers”!

Never mind the fact that any teenagers watching it already use more profanities in one hour than can be found in an entire sitcom series. Or that most of them have already got more active sex lives than the people in these programmes. No, we must think of the children!!

If a program is deemed unsuitable to be shown in full at teatime, then don’t fucking show it at tea time! What is the point? You take out large portions of the humour and the resulting edit leaves viewers bemused.

This is even worse than the way the BBC edits TV shows, not to remove “inappropriate content”, oh no, but to save time! They edit the “fade to black” so the scenes just roll into each other. This must save, oh, thirty seconds at most over an entire show! Perhaps the BBC is feeling so guilty about raping a TV license out of us every year in return for piss poor television, they’ve decided the least they can do is make sure all the programmes start on time. Well, you can keep your silly little license fee, and I’ll just wait the extra 30 seconds for my programme to start. (I’m only joking: there is nothing on the BBC I watch).


One Response to “My Way or the Highway”

  1. tobe38 Says:

    Absolutely right. E4 does it with Friends as well – the bits they cut out are so innocuous and the editing is so bad that I just can’t bring myself to watch anything on those channels at those times any more.

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