My Easter Message – Sun 8th Apr 07

I’ve had a few messages on this most sacred of days wishing me happy Easter and it dawned on me that I hadn’t sent any goodwill messages of my own! So here goes.

I think it’s important we remember just what Easter represents. (Aside from the Anglo-Saxon goddess of Spring Eostre.) Yes it’s that time of year when we celebrate that 2000 years ago, God was so pissed off with humans for failing a test he lied and tricked them into in the first place, that he decided that only a blood sacrifice could make him feel better and bring himself to forgive the human race. So he sent his son, or a part of himself (depending on your beliefs) to earth to be killed.

He could have just forgiven mankind, but I guess that would have been too simplistic and straight-forward. No, what god decided was required was a unique original tale of gods coming to earth, blood sacrifices, redeeming mankind, miracles, and rebirths. Unfortunately, like a bad Hollywood script writer, god either wasn’t aware of the legends and myths of other cultures (like Hercules, Prometheus, Osiris, Krishna, Mithras, Apollonius, Eostre), or like a good Hollywood script writer, he was aware, but copied them anyway and passed them off as his own.

I’m not really sure what the point of Easter is to be honest. It’s like celebrating the ultimate Indian gift that you never quite received! God promised us the best Christmas present, just what we’ve asked for every year, and after 2000+ years, he still hasn’t delivered it. (Maybe it’s coming by Royal Mail). Doesn’t anyone think it’s strange that after supposedly forgiving humans, nothing has changed? What exactly was the point of Jesus’ death?

And so even though it’s a myth passed down by tradition, a myth that isn’t unlike any of a dozen others from around the world, a poorly thought out story and an illogical theme, what is the point of Easter at all?

Well, it’s a good opportunity for families to get together, to reflect on supposedly positive things (albeit false), and we get a couple of days off work too! Like Christmas, it promotes a good atmosphere, puts people in a good mood, and generally brings them together. What I can’t figure out is why we need a myth about an executed carpenter to do this!


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