My Re-Conversion – Sun 1st Apr 07

Shit. Every get the feeling that you might be wrong? I’ve been doing a lot of reading and thinking lately. I just can’t lie to myself anymore! I just can’t keep accepting the lies and propaganda spread by ungodly heathen with their own satanic agenda! Everywhere you go, you see atheists trying to shove their RELIGION down your throat! Or scientists trying to convince you of their theories and guesses on how a puddle of mud turned into a fish!

Well not me anymore! I can’t believe I let the wisdom of men blind me to the love of God!

I don’t know what happened last night, but I think it was the news footage I was watching of a few years ago when that Tsunami wiped out half a million lives. But… this young woman survived with her family, and, wiping a tear from her eyes, she thanked God Almighty for saving her and the ones she loved! Wow. I was moved. Surely there is a great Creator who cares?

Seeking solace I went on the internet and found a website called “Where the truth hurts”. It had an article specially for atheists saying “Atheists: god exists, and you know it!”. It really hit me hard. All this time I thought I had pretty good reason for not believing in other people’s fairy tales, and could destroy any theistic argument easily…then I saw this headline. I KNOW he exists! Kinda stopped me in my tracks I admit. I wouldn’t have admitted that yesterday. But since I’m no longer an atheist, I’ve gotten rid of that arrogance and know-it-all attitude I had. Now I’m ready to spend the rest of my life serving my best friend who loves me! He says he can’t show himself, but it’s ok, because the more I believe he exists even though it seems like he doesn’t, the more it just shows I love him!

Now I feel the Lord’s presence inside me all the time. It’s like I’ve opened a long-closed part of myself; a dark private tunnel to my inner being, and let him enter in. At first I was unsure, because of the discomfort and pain of the truth. But now that he is fully in me, I feel totally relaxed and confident in him. It’s as though a special area of my life has been touched. A spot, which atheism could never stimulate, has now been addressed. No longer weak with disbelief, I am hard in my faith! Nothing can shake my love for God, or make me soft.

I encourage all my readers, to let the Lord inside them. Feel his huge wide arms. Let him bend over your weary body and let you rest. Feel his holy spirit move around inside you, and move you to action! Let the feeling swell and rise in you until you explode with spiritual joy! And even if the Lord withdraws from your presence for a time, be sure that he will return. Because God enjoys thrusting force his strength as much as you will love receiving it.

This will be my last blog. Instead of wasting my time on this nonsense, I’m going to dedicate my life to serving the Lord and, hopefully, waking a few other people up from the brainwashing anti-religion of atheism.

Hallelujah. I’m saved!


One Response to “My Re-Conversion – Sun 1st Apr 07”

  1. ZenTiger Says:

    I’m obviously reading your blog in the wrong order…

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