Liverpool 4 – 1 Arsenal – Sat 31st Mar 07

I didn’t really see this as a revenge game. For me, it was just about pride; no one wants to lose…let alone to the same team 4 times in one season, so it was important to set the record straight. Especially as I don’t think there is much between Liverpool and Arsenal these days. A few years ago Liverpool barely deserved to play on the same field as them. Not anymore. This isn’t the same Arsenal team that went unbeaten all season. They weren’t very good today.

But Liverpool were excellent. For most of the game they were first to everything, quick, worked very hard, and attacked with purpose.

Crouch: hattrick. Is there anyone left who still doubts him? Really? He’s a top bloke and has proved over the past (almost) 2 years that he can be a top player too. He just needs to do it more often.

Comparing this performance to the one at Villa the other week: you wouldn’t recognise the team! This Liverpool was the exact opposite of the one at Aston Villa: today we fought, passed well, attacked, looked hungry and ambitious and most of all, WANTED to win!

If Liverpool played like this away from home, they would probably win the league – because the home form is fantastic. (Only one team has beat us in 18 months at Anfield in the league, and it took them a last minute goal against the run of play to do it.)

Unfortunately it’s not that clear-cut and as I agreed with a friend of mine (who’s a Manc unfortunately) the standard of the Premiership has probably never been higher.


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