My Slutty Friend Requests – Thu 29th Mar 07

“Hi, I’m Candy, from the USA, and I just love to party! LOL whoo!! I like messing around with guys, and sometimes girls, and I just LOOOVE being the centre of attention!!

Why don’t you check out my other pics here (link) where I basically pose like a braindead slag, pouting and shoving my arse in your face, even though you’ll never see anything more of me and I’m just a faceless name given to a fake profile to advertise some shitty website that can’t get its own customers except by making pretend profiles on another famous website.”

I found it particularly funny earlier when I had a friend request from an Anna and Samantha, who had the same picture and identical text on their profiles! What are the chances?!

I hate these stupid friend requests. I don’t know who creates them or how they come across your profile. (I know my blog makes me an obvious target for a huge audience but come on…)

Of course, we can stop these parasitic losers in one really easy way: when someone requests to be your friend on Myspace, just check out their profile first. If it reads anything like the above or says “Click here for more pics of me”; or only has ONE lousy pic in their More Pics area, Deny the request!

Better yet, send them a message telling them to take their cheap shitty mass-produced parasitic slutty marketing and shove it up their arse. THEN Deny them!

Eventually, these people will get the message and either stop these fake profiles, or kill themselves. Either way it’s problem solved.


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