My Millenial – Sun 25th Mar 07

I’ve now reached over 1000 views on my blog.

I know you’re all expecting another long homily about how great I am, and how popular I am, and all the many reasons that people find me so interesting…

…well I love to disappoint you, so I will refrain from the self-adulation this time.

I think this occasion should merit some kind of celebration, so I will reluctantly accept donations. Please contact me about the best way to do so. I prefer BACS (not Paypal) or cheque. All monies received will go exclusively to me, and I promise not to waste any of it on charity.

(I also intend a similar celebration when I acquire 100 friends on Myspace too, so please get saving – I am looking to buy a new 24″ Dell monitor. (I would have reached 100 friends a long time ago on Myspace if I accepted all the offers I get! Take this is your first and only compliment from me: I spend days evaluating friend requests, checking personal and medical history etc, and getting references, so you have to be something special to be my Friend.))


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