My Super Non-Ego – Thu 22nd Mar 07

I’m just short of a thousand views on this blog, which when you consider has only been running for 61 days, is quite impressive.

I’ve finally figured out what makes me so likeable and popular. Is it because I critique religion and pseudoscience, or give my honest and sometimes controversial views on life, sport, etc?

No. I think it comes down to my incredible modesty. Seriously, I don’t think there has ever been a more down-to-earth and humble guy than me. I think if they were giving out medals or awards for modesty and humility, I would win them all. I would be the greatest Most Modest Man in the World ever.

As if intelligence, looks, physique, charm, charisma, style, and an IQ that would make Einstein say “do you want fries with that?” weren’t enough…nature and nurture has blessed me with the modesty to move beyond that and be a regular guy with no self-esteem who just can’t help but be loved. By everyone.

Isn’t that a burden at times?, I hear you say. Yes. Yes it is. But that’s why the world needs people like me; heroes.


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