My Gift

Humans can’t fly. Humans can run at 70mph. Humans can’t lift several times their body weight. Humans can’t see with their ears. Humans can’t breath underwater. Humans are riddled with aches, pains, deficiencies, diseases, viruses, illnesses, infections. Humans can’t live more than 100 years (almost always). Humans can’t run as fast as most mammals. Humans can’t seem to live together in peace for any length of time. Humans can’t stop killing each other.

Humans are just animals. And yet we are distinct from all other animals in a very many ways.

Our evolution has conferred several benefits on us, at a price. Perhaps the price is those things listed above; just the tip of the iceberg.

But would I give up any part of my humanity for the advantage of an animal? No. Why?

Animals can’t experience pleasure we way we can. Animals can appreciate beauty. Animals can’t look at a pretty girl and feel their heart skip a beat. Animals can’t make love. Animals can’t admire a sunrise or sunset and feel moved. Animals can’t look at the night’s sky with its thousands of stars and feel awe and wonder. Animals can’t socialise. Animals can’t enjoy laughing until you cry with your friends. Animals can’t read. Animals can’t learn. Animals cannot aspire to be better than what they are. Animals cannot respect or educate. Animals cannot live to make someone else’s life better. Animals cannot enjoy the beauty that is music. Animals cannot fall in love.

Are humans better than animals? No. No lifeform is inherently better than any other; we’re all alive in 2007 and we’ve proven we can exist on this tiny planet; evolution has seen to that.

Would I give up being able to enjoy music for being able to fly? No. Would I give up being able to love for immortality (or an extremely long lifespan)? No. What is life without music? What is being human without friends? What is existence without love?

Whenever I see a clear night’s sky in the pitch black, or spend time with my friends, or on the rare occasion be with a girl that I love, I’m reminded of one thing: we are lucky. Humans, for all we may know, are the only intelligent lifeform for several thousand light years. Perhaps more! Doesn’t that make life precious? For all our extremely short lifespans, we can do and say and act and live, like NOTHING else in the known universe!

Richard Dawkins said that we are privileged. Because for every individual that exists, there is a potential billion that haven’t.

Are humans beings better than anything else? No.

Is being a living human the best “gift” anyone can have? ……


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