My easy counter-argument – Tue 20th Mar 07

My easy counter-argument


Here’s an example of the one of the arguments against it:

“Bad luck and bad decisions even themselves out over the course of the season, so it’s swings and roundabouts.”

If you encounter anyone who tries to pull this piece of faecal matter from somewhere within, I think you should be legally entitled to smack them in the face.

Bad luck and bad decisions even themselves out over a season.

What the fuck?? Why ever would they??

This is an example of the gambler’s fallacy. For those who aren’t aware of this, try and keep up, and answer this question:

You are betting on the roll of a dice. It’s the 10th roll. The 9 previous rolls have all been heads. What do you bet on now?

If you said tails because you think it MUST SURELY be tails next after 9 consecutive heads, you are WRONG.

The die has no memory! It doesn’t know what was rolled previously and it cannot control its own outcome, nor can anyone else.

This is an example of how poor humans generally are at understanding probability and odds.

Bad luck and bad decisions are (generally) accidental. Assuming no foul-play, there is no rhyme or reason why bad luck happen to teams, or to why good luck happens to teams. Given that human error and an element of chance are involved, you would EXPECT to experience bad luck and good luck throughout a season, but anyone who thinks there is some magical ethereal karma that permeates the football world and makes sure that all teams are given their fair share of good and bad luck, should be beaten with sticks. It is total bollocks.

This is the classic non-argument from people who don’t want video refereeing, usually for “traditional” reasons, but can’t offer a good reason why. Tradition is rarely a good logical argument against anything: if football was invented from scratch today, would video evidence be used in live games? I’m pretty fucking sure it would! The only reason it doesn’t exist today is because it didn’t start out that way. The arguments from tradition and “leave the game as it is” are rubbish.

I’m not saying use video-referring for EVERY decision, but in almost all cases, a correct decision can be made in SECONDS without interruption to the game. (Anyone who thinks the game would be stop-start needs to watch a live football match: free-kicks, penalties, corners, dives, throw-ins… these things take between 10-30 seconds! No refereeing decision by video would take that long.

Finally, another shitty reason people give against taking away all the ridiculous errors that referees give is that “it gives us something to talk about”. Well, if you need a refereeing fuck-up to enjoy football more, I think there’s either something slightly odd about your footballing taste, or the game is pretty boring in its current state!

The way I see it, every football decision should be spot on, and THEN there is plenty else to talk about! Bad refereeing decisions do NOT contribute to the game; they ruin it. Ok your team got a lucky penalty and won in the last minute when it shouldn’t have been. Guess what – next week it might happen against you and you won’t be happy then! And it might happen the week after, and the week after! Still think it’s good to have something to talk about then??

Nope. Didn’t think so.


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