Justice for the 96 – Mon 12 Mar 07

I really can’t think of a way to introduce this, so I’ll just link to it:<br><br>http://www.liverpoolfc.tv/news/drilldown/N155269070312-1532.htm

Fantastic. And appreciated.

This isn’t a campaign for attention, or support, or sympathy…and it’s not a campaign (as bitter soulless twats would imply) for pity, self or otherwise. This is a campaign for the TRUTH.

If cunts like Kevlin MacKenzie wouldn’t have published lies almost 18 years ago, and Yorkshire police would have accepted responsibility for their part in Hillsborough, there would have been NO NEED to campaign for Truth.

The S*n could have apologised straight away, and sacked MacKenzie. MacKenzie Itself could have apologised, and retracted its claims; claims for which it had, and continues to have, NO EVIDENCE to back them up. What did It do only a few months back? Refuse to apologise for its despicable lies and slander, and said It still thinks It was right all along! THAT is what prompted the Justice for the 96 campaigns which took place in the home game against Arsenal back in January.

The 96 will rest in peace when that people like that fat horrible lying slanderous scum-faced shit-stain of an arrogant pompous upper class twat, forever and unreservedly apologise for their deceit and the pain they’ve caused.

Would It be forgiven anyway? Probably not. But that’s not my apology to give; it belongs to the people who lost loved ones because of a tragic incident that still NO ONE has been made officially accountable for.

JUSTICE FOR ’96. And well done to Celtic, it’s a great touch.

(I can make no apologies for being aggressive in this blog; my feelings demand nothing less).


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