My new router – Sun 11th Mar 07

Well, because I am a genius, I have my internet working again. I thought it was NTL’s fault (what isn’t? shitty company)…but it was the router.

Perhaps it was being overworked (the router) …perhaps it was operating in direct sunlight for the last year and a half…perhaps it was when I punched it the other night…? I don’t really know.

I like to punch things. I punched someone the other day for telling me I’m putting on weight. Ok, maybe I am…slightly, and I was a bit offended by their comments. At the time I didn’t think I was in the wrong, after all I don’t take shit off anyone, but I always tend to rethink my actions after they’ve occurred and what I should have done is say “mum, you’re right…cheers for pointing that out! I’ll go for a run.”

True story.


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