My latest Champions League opinion – Wed 7th Mar 07

Now, it’s not often that I defend Man U, (unless the accusation was of them being a team of beautiful people, in which I’d step right in and defend their true reputation as a shower of bastards), but it was ALMOST funny seeing Lille crash out tonight, because their antics in the first leg were pathetic.

First of all, there was nothing wrong with Gigg’s goal. Second of all – oh, that’s about it really.

“That’s now how we do things in France” and “The situation in France is different were you can put the ball out and then confront the referee over a disagreement…” and “I guess we didn’t know the European rules in this matter.”

Can anyone else spot the glaring faux pas in the above statements?…

YOU WEREN’T PLAYING IN FRANCE YOU SOFT FUCKING BASTARDS! IT WAS THE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!! Or did that fact escape you as an ENGLISH team turned up one evening to play?? I can just imagine the inner monologue of their coach: “Blimey, Lyon have made a lot of new signings lately!”

They were planning to walk off the pitch in protest, and then shit themselves when they realised what they were doing. It was bad sportmanship, because they got caught out.

Next thing, the Lille manager is trying to imply that MU didn’t do anything wrong, but that there is a loophole in the rules of the game!! Yes, you daft gibbon, it’s called Advantage! Sorry – avantarrge!!

Arsenal 1 – 1(2) PSV was a hugely disappointing game. I have a friend (well, assuming he makes his friendship payments on time) who’s an Arsenal fan who summed it up perfectly: Arsenal’s “performance” over both legs was the exact opposite of Liverpool’s; they were lacklustre and tedious.

I feel sorry for Arsenal because they always try and play good football, but the game reminded me how tricky two-legged ties can be, and how proud I am Liverpool’s performance considering Barca was the hardest draw we could have got.


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