My problem with adverts! – Tue 6th Mar 07

They say that advertisements are so cleverly planned the producers take into account the TV channel they are shown on, and the target audience that watches said channel, even down to the time of day.

Every commercial break on the Sky Sports News channel has about 5 adverts on how to sue people for as much money as possible, even though you were stupid enough to walk down a street backwards, with your eyes closed, carrying hot coffee. “I say, that looks like a patch of frozen water on the pavement there. Still, I’ll just walk through it and assume I’ll be ok. And if I slip and hurt myself, I’ll just get a few grand off someone else. Sorted.” Then there are the obligatory 15 adverts on debt-removal, debt-consolidation, debt-management etc etc. What the living shit do people get themselves in such ridiculous debt over? I mean, if I was in debt say, £5000, I’d think to myself “do I REALLY need that new conservatory or Mercedes?” You’d think common sense would kick in at the £10,000 mark…”wow, that is…that’s quite a lot of money isn’t? Still…I’ve always wanted helicopter lessons and a new caravan, so…” I shouldn’t be surprised though, since the remaining 10 adverts are for cars… that’s sympathetic to your target audience isn’t it?!…

“The New Ford S-MAX, with air-conditioning, power-steering, ABS, and 3 years free MOT! But don’t even think about it you thieving pickey bastard…few more claims off the council required for this eh?!”

I can only conclude that all Sky Sports News watchers are debt-ridden clumsy moronic car enthusiasts who hurt themselves in the most stupid ways, get paid for it by Injury Lawyers 4 U, spend all their money on Ford cars, then call Debtsbusters UK to wipe their arse for them.

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2 Responses to “My problem with adverts! – Tue 6th Mar 07”

  1. Kevin Says:

    You’re probably right – but then your description of Sky Sports Watchers would probably fit most TV viewers. A nice big pond of fish waiting to be netted by money lenders.

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  2. mesotheleoma fast healing Says:

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