Liverpool 0 – 1 Barca – Tue 6th Mar 07

Liverpool 0 – 1 Barcelona

In the space of 72 hours, another one of the best teams in the world came to Anfield, played crap, got battered, and won 1-0! But in this case, I don’t really care, because unlike the weekend game I would have taken a 1-0 loss before it kicked off!

Great performance. Great effort. Brilliant workrate. Tactically spot-on. Created very good chances. Didn’t take any of them! Same old story for Liverpool… It’s something that MUST be sorted, because the one place that Liverpool are lagging behind Chelsea, and to a lesser extent Arsenal, but most definitely Man Utd, is being ruthless in front of goal.

But, most importantly, Liverpool knocked Barcelona out the Champions League. So to all those people who scoffed when the draw was made and said “bye bye Liverpool!!” and thought we’d get our arses handed to us, a big UP YOURS! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!


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