More cheating – Sun 4th Feb 07

United won 4-0 at Spurs today. Christiano Ronaldo was booed, as per usual.

I hate Ronaldo too, but not because he got Rooney sent off for England. The England squad is full of players I don’t like, so I don’t have that many complaints when something bad happens to them.

No, I don’t like Ronaldo because he is a cheat. To him, if you can dive and get away with it, as long as you win, it’s all fair.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s reaction when he came off? A handshake. Perhaps Ferguson is going to blast him privately for cheating yet another penalty out of an opponent? Well, we’ll see. If Ronaldo never dives again, I’ll apologise and say “well done” to Ferguson. Let’s see eh?? Remember this the next time Ferguson moans about decisions going against his team.

I’m not bitter, so I can admire a player no matter who they play for. Rooney is a fantastic player. So is Giggs. So is Scholes, albeit a dirty bastard. And Christiano Ronaldo is good enough that he doesn’t need to dive and cheat. But, as long as United keep winning you can expect him to carry on cheating…and nothing will get said.

People will continue to despise him, and he deserves nothing less. “Who cares what people think? As long as he wins…” is the usual reply. All I can say is, yeah, if you can live with that kind of morality fair enough…for me it makes any victory hollow and sour.

If that is the sort of mentality it takes to win the Premiership, then I’d rather not win it.


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