Liverpool 0 – 1 Man U – Sat 3rd Mar 07

Liverpool 0 – Manchester Utd 1

I wish I could say something clever or funny, but words fail me.

Here’s the obvious: United played for a draw. Their big players were anonymous. Liverpool had more attempts, more shots on target, forced more corners and free kicks, and tried to win the game. United got a lucky break in the 90th minute and scored.

I’m the first one to hold my hand up and say, yet again, Liverpool didn’t take their chances and were made to pay. It’s the same old story. You would think we’d have learned by now. I wish I could say United were class and we were beaten by the Champions-elect at the top of their game. But we weren’t. Not even the most blind biased United fan would say they deserved anything from this game. Certainly not a draw. But a win?! And as Ronaldo was lining up the free kick in the 90th minute I knew what would happen. I didn’t even react when O’Shea placed the rebound high into the Kop-end net. Because it was just cruel enough to happen.

It seems not a season goes by when this lot don’t screw us over. Bitter? You’re damn right I am. This was a United team that barely turned up, had little ambition, and didn’t even try to win the game. Their players were mediocre at best today. It wasn’t even a battle resilient performance from them. We just shot ourselves in the foot.

Fair play to them, they are playing great football this season; they’re the best team in the country, and they deserve to win the league. But it’s hard to be gracious in defeat today when it comes like this.


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