Carling Cup Final ’07 – Sun 25th Feb 07

Arsenal 1 – 2 Chelsea

I bet Roman Ambramovich was watching this game, wondering why his toy of over overpaid over-rated mercenaries can’t play football like Arsenal’s kids.

Arsenal’s kids were a credit to their club and to football. Whilst Wenger’s team of cleverly-assembled talent passed and moved their way around the pitch, Chelsea lumped the ball high and long faster than it takes Frank Lampard to finish a burger.

At the end of the day, Chelsea took their chances and that’s all that counts. But they were crap today, and only one player on their team rose to the occasion.

If anyone wants to know why people call Chelsea “Chavski”, it’s because they have no class. Maybe it was the objects being hurled at Arsenal’s corner-takers; maybe it was the pathetic “who the fucking hell are you?!” chants as the Arsenal reserves went up to receive their medals. We have no way of knowing if Arsenal fans would have thrown things at Chelsea’s corner-taker as I can’t remember Chelsea forcing a corner in the entire match.

In answer to the Chelsea chants above: “they’re the team with an average age of 20-21, that outplayed your classless overpaid bunch of rich mercenaries for 90 minutes! That’s who they are!” You’d think even Chelsea fans would appreciate good football…oh right, how stupid of me…

All the best to John Terry by the way. I don’t particularly like him but he’s a class player, a fantastic defender, and a great leader. If other Chelsea players showed his courage and honesty, I might have more respect for them. Maybe.

I was wrong in my original prediction a few weeks back: I said Arsenal would with the Cup but I was wrong. But I based my prediction on how well I knew they’d play and give Chelsea a real game. It was a moral victory for Arsenal, and dare I say, myself. But the truth is I got it wrong. I still think Chavski will win the FA Cup, but I can’t call the Champions League just yet. As for the Premiership, well that’s definitely going to….. oh dinner’s ready…


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