Barca 0 – 1 Liverpool – Wed 21st Feb 07

Barcelona 1 – 2 Liverpool

The only thing better than this result is shoving words down people’s throats, or better yet, seeing a team of cheating diving showponies beaten in their own backyard, despite every big and small decision going their way.

Liverpool fans have been saying “bring it on” ever since the draw was made, because we were confident, because I suppose there was no pressure on us. Barcelona aren’t giants and they’re not invincible. Judging by the build-up to this game, you’d think it was Barcelona vs Acrington Stanley.

It’s a fantastic result. But I can’t decide which is more incredible, us beating Barcelona in their stadium (as we did in ’76; the only British side to ever beat them there), or seeing John Arne Riise score with his right foot! Well, I suppose even a blind squirrel finds a few nuts.

Couple of things that made me laugh at the game: seeing Eto’o and some other no-mark freak on the Barca bench virtually ejaculating when Ronaldinho did a bit of skill and turned his man. Woweee, Kuyt committed himself and got skinned; it happens every game. It’s incredibly easy to beat a man if he’s committed himself. But when Ronaldinho does it, he gets World Player of the Year. Thierry Henry was unavailable for comment as he hit 30 goals for yet another season, 20 assists for yet another season, and picked up a Champions League finalist medal to go with his 3 FA Cups and 3 English League titles. Sorry, how naive of me, Thierry Henry doesn’t do 20 keepy-ups in his own area but works for the team.

Another thing: Carlos Puyol. Wow. That guy has a face like a welder’s bench. When Spanish TV flashed to a close-up of his face, I thought they’d cut away to a documentary on the mating habits of African hippos…from behind…after eating a laxative-laced plant.

Also: seeing their players moaning every single time a Liverpool player went down. Hmmm, the words irony and poetic justice spring to mind. Funny how you didn’t have time to surround the referee after EVERY foul once you were chasing the game huh boys?

Finally: Jose Mourinho in his post-match interview. “We lost John Terry, we lost everything.” This from a team that has spent £200m on players in the past 3 years. Some might consider moaning about the loss of a player upsetting the entire game and performance for the remaining 70 MINUTES OF THE MATCH when the substitute who replaced him created a goal just 4 minutes after conceding, as a huge faux pas…but hey! I’m not going to stop Jose from creating an ass of himself…and he does it so well…

Barca 1 – 2 Liverpool. The tie isn’t over, but what can they do to us that we haven’t already done to them? Except no one gave Liverpool a prayer. Come and beat us at Anfield and if you do, you deserve it.

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2 Responses to “Barca 0 – 1 Liverpool – Wed 21st Feb 07”

  1. Kathryn Phillips Says:

    CARLES Puyol, not Carlos – he’s Catalan. And he’s got the face of an earth-bound god. One of the sexiest men alive, without question.

  2. evanescent Says:

    I will take your word for that, Kathryn… :p

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