Liverpool 2 – 1 West Ham – Tue 30th Jan 07

Liverpool 2 – 1 West Ham

You’ve got to ask the question…when West Ham got one back, they upped the tempo and their play and put Liverpool under a bit of pressure. So where was that before they scored?? Yeah, it’s easy to feel on a high after you’ve just scored and the crowd is going nuts. Where was that gutsy fighting spirit the rest of the time?

They’re cheating the fans, and they’re not the only ones. Yeah, you can feel confident after you’ve just scored, or when there is nothing to lose and the pressure goes…anyone can. It takes real bottle, real guts, when there is pressure on and you have to rise to the occasion! And not enough players do it. They are cheating themselves, and they are cheating the paying fans.

West Ham put their heart and soul in defeating Man Utd 1-0 a few weeks back. Where was that against Liverpool? Now, I’m not complaining! But I’m not going to say that Liverpool are better than United simply they won and United lost against the same team. What I would say is, one West Ham team turned up one day, and one didn’t turn up tonight, until they got (an offside??) goal. (And LFC took their chances on the day, and Utd didn’t).

Taking nothing away from Liverpool though, who played very well and scored two fantastic goals. I wish all Liverpool games were this easy! But sometimes you’ve got to point the finger at players and say “where were you??”… I do to my own team when they don’t perform…

Liverpool are 2 points behind Chavski, and I don’t believe we can still win the title. But second place is a distinct possibility. If only we would have started better…


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