My naivety – Sun 28th Jan 07

What’s this fad in football of every man and his dog taking corners? Do they just draw the names out of a hat before each match? Hardly a single corner clears the first man. Don’t they practice this stuff in training?

“Oh yeah, I’ll have a go at this one! I’ve seen it done…”

Meanwhile, Chavski beat a god-awful Nottingham Forest team and Bolton make it difficult for Arsenal. No surprises.

But all of this is irrelevant really as at least 7 school children are killed in Iraq. The reason? Sectarian extremists. Now, if these people really want to blow themselves up over their beliefs, I think that’s a shame, but hey if that’s what their faith demands… but when OTHER people get involved and suffer as a result? Unbelievable. Inexcusable. Pathetic. Tragic.

There’s a lot of good in this world and a lot of evil as well. And you’d get rid of 90% of that evil if only people would accept their differences instead of fighting over them. But I’m probably just being naive…


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