My scouse disbelief – Sat 27th Jan 07

Fair play to Wayne Rooney. He’s a class act, and his second goal just showed it better than words can. But wasn’t it a bit harsh of the Mancs to spend 80% of the game singing “YOU SCOUSE BASTARD!” I mean, the lad was on the bench until 70 mins then came on and scored two goals! What more do they want?!

It’s possible they were singing about someone else, but try as I might, I couldn’t see anyone else on the pitch who was a scouser. There was David James (who isn’t a scouser), who USED to play for Liverpool (over 7 years ago), who are a scouse club. But not even the mancs would be that bitter, obsessed, and pathetic to deride scousers when they aren’t even playing any of them, surely?!

Kinda ironic where their best player comes from really. I guess what they mean is “We hate (almost) all scousers”, and “build a bonfire, put (nearly) every scouser on the top”.


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