My dangerous prediction – Fri 26th Jan 07

Well, it’s Saturday tomorrow, and of all the things I will be doing, watching Liverpool in the next round of FA Cup isn’t one of them.

Arsenal are one of the few top teams I don’t despise, and they were pretty solid on the day, but I think Liverpool shot themselves in the foot. I would have much rather faced them later (if at all). Whenever two very big teams meet each other so early, the only winners are the other big clubs who lose a rival straight away: Man Utd and Chelsea namely.

If I had to tip someone to win the FA cup, it’d be Chelsea. Not just because I think they have a huge midfielder in Frank Lampard (that’s not a metaphor. He’s a planet), but I think they have the squad etc etc blah blah to go all the way.

I’ll also predict a League Cup win for Arsenal.

The League will definitely go to….hey found a pound on the floor! Get in there! Where was I? oh right…

And the Champions League will go to, shit, I don’t know, but it won’t be Barcelona, Milan, Inter, Roma, Lyon, Real Madrid, Celtic, Porto. I guess that leaves…oh you work it out…


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