My outrage – Tue 23rd Jan 07

A top four club. Currently 3rd in the table. Unbeaten at home in over 15 months. In great form. A bright looking future. Not to mention the history, pride, honour, and privilege of playing for such a club. Challenging for Champions League places and above, with a two-legged tie against Barcelona just around the corner.


A midtable-at-best relegation threatened team, struggling to pick up any results and conceding goals for fun.

What would you choose? Well, if you’re a dirty money-grabbing mediocre over-rating footballer, who knows he isn’t good enough to play for a top team, and without the fight to force his way into a top squad, you’d do what Lucas Neill did, and sign for West Ham over Liverpool.

I don’t want this to sound bitter, because I’m delighted Neill didn’t go to Liverpool, but he has no right to say that Liverpool didn’t want him enough, as though Liverpool would be the privileged ones! He was never popular with LFC fans anyway after breaking Jamie Carragher’s leg a few years back. I hope the extra desire (read money) West Ham showed him is a comfort when he’s rotting in mid-to-bottom table mediocrity. But then, I don’t care who Lucas Neill plays for, as long as it’s not Liverpool.

And more importantly…

I see the Catholic Church is once again sticking its finger in the political pie. Now whether I agree with them or not is irrelevant. If this was any non-religious organisation without any political power, they wouldn’t be given the time of day. In fact, power doesn’t matter all that much, since in this day and age, the PC folk are so painfully careful about offending anyone then all opinions are treated equally (a paradox by the way), no matter how ridiculous.

Why does religion get a say on anything these days anyway? If you have a point to make, make it. If you think the world could be a better place if xyz happened, then make your case. Present an argument. If you disagree with someone, use logic. Your invisible sky buddy is not an argument. Your faith is not an argument.

Your “god” is a figment of your imagination. Get over it.


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