My high horse – Mon 22nd Jan 07

Thank f*ck I’m alive at a time when there are so many good TV shows. I was flicking through channels on Sky (as one does, as there are probably only 5 channels worth watching on Sky), and I chanced across Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Sweet fecal matter! That must be one of the worst programs of all time. I could write an entire essay taking the piss out of it. Imagine growing up at a time when special effects were considered good if you could only just make out the strings! When the bad guy would cackle maniacally and slap the protagonist to get information. When some of the acting was so childish, a paedophile would get turned on. And some of the plotlines (in general) were just so naive and formulaic, you could predict the outcome by the end of the opening credits.

Nowadays we have programs like 24, when if Jack Bauer isn’t getting cut open, burned, stabbed, electrocuted, or sodomised by a rather long needle, the government is getting ready to screw someone over just to get ahead. So, just like real life really!

Maybe everyone at every time says this, but TV now is so much better than it was. There are so many good shows on (watch Prison Break). We have quality and quantity.



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