My prediction comes true – Sun 21st Jan 07

Well it didn’t take long. Apparently Juventus are going to make a £30m bid for Steven Gerrard. Predictably, this is more tabloid bullsh*t. But today of all days? Wow. What a coincidence.

Never mind the fact that Juventus are in Serie B now. And just where would they get £30m from? And what makes them think Gerrard would even be interested? And really, why would he anyway?! And where did the newspaper in question get this information?

Yup, got in in one: they pulled it out their arses.

This afternoon is Arsenal vs Manchester Utd. Do I want second place and to strengthen third by Utd pulling away and Arsenal losing? Or do I want Utd to start dropping points so we MIGHT catch them (no laughing at the back please), and perhaps go on a bad run? And of course, to keep them away from another league title?



Well, with 10 mins to go, I didn’t see Arsenal 2 – 1 Man Utd coming! I suppose from a LFC point of view, a draw would have been best for us. But seeing Man USA drop points is always enjoyable.


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